Can I buy butt plugs in my country?

I would hate living in a place where I would think my freedom is curtailed!

Have you ever thought if you had to stay in a place where you could not live according to your free will, what kind of feelings that you arise in you?

I would be absolutely defensive about my freedom and f I was not allowed to live my life exactly the way that I wanted then I would lash out at everyone in frustration. This is the kind of strong feeling that I have whenever people say that some countries in the world do not allow sex and other adult play toys to be sold freely or in the open markets.

I find the premise so atrocious:

The real reason supposedly about not allowing the sale of such products in the open shops is because they do not conform to the morality prevalent in the society.

The notion following of such social stigmatization is itself a big black mark on the law of the land. However, the audacity of some government s is such that while they will not allow the wares to be sold freely they can even punish and find the persons that are found to have bought the sex toy clandestinely and seen or believed to be using it. I find this atrocious. Freedom, where art thou?!

I was a couple of years in India and I found this to be the reality there. But much to my surprise, black marketers thrive in an environment like this where prohibition is strictly done on sex toys. My question, therefore, is that what purpose does the ban on the sale of such goods serve if they are still available in the underbelly of the market.

I proudly tell everybody that in spite of the ban on the sale of sex toys; I did find the best Love Plugs in the black market in New Delhi. Now, can someone explain to such governments the obvious that they are turning their blind eye to?