Drug tests and the law, a beginners’ guide

Technology has been advancing rapidly and has changed the way the diagnostic tests and medical procedures take place. Drug tests have also become very common. In the past, it was restricted to sports people and some specific people, who were going through the rehab process. Now drug tests are very common, used before employment, child custody cases and may be conducted even on existing employees.

If you have not been through any test before this, then you may not know what to expect. These tests are performed using a sample to check traces of drugs. The sample may be taken from skin, hair, saliva or blood. Saliva tests are very common to check the presence of many common restricted substances like cannabis, crystal meth etc. If confirmed, you will be prohibited from driving and further action according to the state law will be taken.

A major accident, pre-employment screening or custody cases may require you to go through more severe forms of tests like a blood test/ urine test to check for the presence of banned substances. These tests are more elaborate and can test all kinds of drugs. Generally, these are conducted under strict supervision to ensure compliance.

The drugs can stay in your system, depending on the type, quantity and your vital statistics. Some drugs are excreted quickly and some stay in the system for a longer time, as the body needs time to metabolize the complex chemicals. Some show traces in the hair even after 90 days and more. For example, hair may show traces of marijuana, even after a long time.

People are always looking for ways to come out with a negative result from a test like this. Websites like this show fake urine drug test instructions which may help you in this regard. People try means like detox drinks, lemon and caffeine and water to change the composition of their blood and urine. Some of these may work and some may not. You should learn everything about the test procedure of the test that you are going to be subjected to. Then you will be comfortable going through it. Remember to follow all the instructions carefully and above all, avoid these substances in the first place.