Researchers have been working hard on finding a weight loss pill which will be effective and not have side effects. Each day a new pharmaceutical company comes up with their product for weight loss. When people start using it slowly side effect start emerging and people start becoming sick.Illegal diet pills were popular initially but slowly they were banned because of the side effects.Just like this is a quality phen375 review medication.

There have been certain drugs that have been approved by FDA, however, they were later removed from the list since they show some serious side effects. The very first weight loss pill Meridia was available in the market. People started using it and after a while started having serious heart events and in 2010 FDA banned this drug.

Ephedrine is produced by drug derived from Chinese herb known as ephedra. But this diet pill was banned by FDA in 2004 since the agency had recorded 1400 complications due to side effects

There is a steroid like chemical drug known as clenbuterol which was developed to alleviate asthma problem in horses. But people started using it as a fat burning supplement.

An industrial chemical that was found to reduce weight known as 2,4- dinitrophenol. There was a study conducted on this by Stanford University following which physicians started prescribing this to people with obesity. Later it was banned since it was causing cataract in women who used it.

Ingredients these diet pills included in them brought serious side effects to the human body because of which they were banned.

There are still some dangerous products available on the market. People who got in contact with dealers who sold those are still continuing the banned drug, as well as some websites, are selling them. For Example, clenbuterol which has been banned are still being sold by some bodybuilding websites.